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Why not Crypto withdrawals?

Pieniądze nie dotarły? Nie da się zlecić wypłaty?
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Why not Crypto withdrawals?

Post autor: ChengNee » ndz wrz 17, 2023 11:39 am

If Showup accepts Cryptos as a way of payment for tokens.... why doesn't ShowUp allow cryptos as a mean for withdrawal?

It seems double morals, that for taking money in you take everything, regardless its procedence, but when it comes to payout ,you want to abide by local regulations and do things by the book.

You sided with Payredeem as the solution to this problem. It was the solution for maybe a month. After that, they stopped international transfers for NO (known) REASON and they just kept us in the dark. We do not know what they are doing to unblock this situation. We just get hollow words saying that our money is safe with them, that we must please be patient. But what we want to know is WHY they stopped international transfers, and WHAT they are doing to send us our earnt money in ShowUp. None of these two questions have been answered so far, just sugar coated empty words.

Can ShowUp BOK and/or Payredeem shed a bit of light on this matter? i.e. : Is SU going to to implement Cryptos at somepoint? Is Payredeem going to answer the questions they have been asked so many times straight for once, and bring up a solution?

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Post autor: SexyMalutka » pt wrz 22, 2023 11:05 am

They haven't paid me for 2 months, the transfer has to be through Asian bank but they tell still have problem.